The Bass-ics

The Bass-ics

Always thought you were secretly Anna Kendrick, and all you needed was your aca-pitches to assemble and make some sweet tunes for your potential to be realised? Or maybe you’ve been belting out Defying Gravity in the shower for too long, and, while your roommates (*cough Mum & Dad cough*) may not appreciate it, you know what you really need is a stage?

Or perhaps you’re way ready to drop the bass down low, but while your singing skills are great, the actual bass confounds you.

Well, look no further; QUT’s Bass-ic, is what you’ve been looking for! Bass-ic, QUT’s first all female a cappella group, is doing the Barden Bella’s down under. Working on a mix of pop, rock, R’n’B and those cheesy hits that your parents (and secretly you) love from 97.3, be prepared for some fun, aca-amazing times ahead.

To audition for The Bass-ics, check out their facebook page for audition times!


December 12, 2015